MeggHome's story

Home is the place you return to when you have finally lost your soul.
Home is the place where life is born, not the place of your birth, but the place where you seek rebirth.

Hi, I am Megg.
My life has been through a lot. And when I'm most tired, I always want to come Home.
Home is a place I always feel comfortable in, at peace with myself, secured and happy.
Are you like that? Do you love your own Home?

Home is not just about household appliances, furnitures or decoration. It's the feeling of happy family where there is someone to love, someone waiting for us to return.
At Megg Home, we do not sell Home décor.
We sell the happiness of people who want to decorate their own Homes with their own hands. A unique, beautiful house, but still cozy and full of the owner's personality.
Living in a house decorated with Megg Home's stuff, you will find a sense of peace, relief, love and happiness all around you.

The idea of Megg Home is to build and decorate Home with you. So that no matter how far away we are, how tired we are, there is always a Home waiting for us to return.
If MeggHome has not meet to your satisfaction, please give us feedbacks Here.
We always listen to our customers to become better day by day.

Best regards!
Megg Home Team